What the San Diego Chargers losing means for the Oakland Raiders

By Josh Walfish

The AFC West didn’t look good this week. All three teams in action lost their respective games. It seems nobody wants to step up and take lead in this division. But at least they aren’t the NFC South, which outside of the Atlanta Falcons, have some of the worst teams in the NFL.

Many people picked the San Diego Chargers as their dark horse to win the division. They have proved people right by sitting atop the division at 3-2. However, Sunday night’s loss to the New Orleans Saints might have been the “best” loss out of the three today. So what does that mean for the Oakland Raiders?

It translates into Oakland having a steeper climb to the playoffs from its 1-3 record. Phillip Rivers and the offense do not seem set on slowing down anytime soon, although the defense could use a little work. Still the Chargers are proving their record is not as much of a fluke as people think it could be and it is a very realistic possibility they will hold on to win the division.

Not getting too carried away, Sunday’s game means the Raiders may now possess the third-best back in the division after Ryan Mathews ran for 80 yards on 12 carries and was really impressive in the loss. His flip into the end zone to put San Diego up 24-14 was amazing and he constantly battled for yardage and would not be denied. Most importantly however, it showed Oakland just how much the gap is between themselves and the Chargers and how good the chance Oakland had to win in Week 1 actually was. It’s a missed opportunity which could have sent the two teams in opposite directions this season.

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