Denver Broncos' 2-3 Record Not As Bad As It Looks

By Mark Stringer
Greg M. Cooper – US Presswire

A record of 2-3 is not what the Denver Broncos were wanting after the addition of QB Peyton Manning and several other free agents, but that record is not nearly as bad as it looks when you consider the schedule that the Broncos have went through over the last 5 games.

The Broncos have won games against the Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) and the Oakland Raiders (1-3) and have suffered tough losses to the Atlanta Falcons (5-0), Houston Texans (5-0) and New England Patriots (3-2).

The Broncos have lost to the only two undefeated teams in the league, and to a Patriots team that is playing their best ball right now. Denver’s schedule will lighten up a little the rest of the way, and if the Broncos improve on their mistakes, they’ll start to win more games as the season goes on.

They have the San Diego Chargers twice, New Orleans SaintsCincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs twice, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Raiders, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns left on the schedule. There are still several tough teams and many divisional games left, but the Broncos are in prime position to finish with a 8-3 record over these last 11 games, which would give them a 10-6 record overall and that should be enough for the AFC West title.

The bigger question in my mind is this: If the Broncos make the playoffs like they should, will they improve enough to give a team like the Texans a run for their money deep in the postseason?

I think they can and will, but there’s only one way to find out.


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