Indianapolis Colts: Defense Failed to Show up in Loss to New York Jets

By Eric Smith

Someone tell the Indianapolis Colts they had a game today. They still probably not aware of that fact. The Colts went to a low on the lowest of depths. They allowed the terrible and I mean terrible New York Jets to score 35 points today in the 35-9 loss in Metlife Stadium.

They did only give up 82 yards to a terrible Mark Sanchez today. That wasn’t bad. If corner Cassius Vaughn would have showed up he may not have completed a pass all day. Seven of his 11 receptions were thrown on him. What the Colts defense failed to do was stop the run.

How do you fail to stop the run when that’s all the Jets try to do?

Shonn Greene had a career day in gaining 161 yards and three touchdowns on 32 carries. How in this day and age of film and preparation do you allow that? The Jets had 252 total yards on the ground and averaged 5.7 yards per carry. That was the difference is today’s game.

Give credit where credit is due. This game wasn’t won by the Jets. It was rather lost by the Colts. The Jets will be lucky to win five games this season. They’re in desperation mode in using trick plays and resorting to the ground game. A high school team could have beat the Jets today. This was all on the Colts defense and lack of preparation on the coaching staff.

Now, the Colts are back below .500 and going to have to grind the season out with playoff talent on their team. They have to stop this up and down trend and losing to teams with no hope or future. They should be 4-1 right now not 2-3.

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