Chicago Bears: Tillman Stakes His Claim To Defensive MVP Title

By alibud69
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago Bears rolled out as huge winners over the Tennessee Titans in a lopsided 51-20 victory on Sunday. The main story passed the score line however was the simply ridiculous effort on display from Charles Tillman.

Tillman is playing at a crazy level this season, having registered 43 tackles, two interceptions (both returned for touchdowns) and a staggering seven forced fumbles.

His play isn’t just about his stats; this season so far Tillman has continued his dominance of Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, and routinely kept QB passer ratings in the dark depths of mediocrity.

This whole defense is playing game changing football, notably Tillman’s stable mate Tim Jennings is also forging a great case himself for a pro bowl spot, but the apt words of Lance Briggs after the sums up just how well Tillman is playing;

“We are all seeing history being made; I’ve never seen anybody who’s been able to do the things he’s been able to do.”

The man himself refused to be draw on his own play, giving due credit to coaching ethos that has been instilled into this unit by its coaches, HC Lovie Smith and DC Rod Marinelli;

“We didn’t want to have a repeat of last week against Carolina. This week our whole motto was, ‘Let’s start fast.’ To create a turnover on the first play of the game was the mindset going into the game.”

The real shame for Peanut is that it has taken so long for him to receive the national recognition he has so richly deserved for so long. Like a fine wine this guy just continues to look better and better with every year he plays.

Whilst it may be too soon to discuss the NFL Defensive MVP, unless you live under a rock, the discussion only really involves two players, Tillman being one and J.J. Watt being the other.

Whilst I think personally it is to close to call, this coming week on Sunday Night football as the Bears face off against the Houston Texans at Soldier Field, could very well be the deciding factor in which of these two takes home the trophy come the end of the season.

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