Denver Broncos: Von Miller, Just WOW!

By Joe Morrone
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Everyone who has all ready anointed JJ Watt of the Houston Texans as the defensive player of the year may want to rethink that. Von Miller of the Denver Broncos just turned in one of the all-time great defensive performances in team history. At this point in the season, it would be very hard to argue that Miller is not the most disruptive player on the defensive side of the football.

Some of the numbers for Miller in Sunday’s win over the Carolina Panthers include: a sack, six tackles and four tackles for loss. As impressive as those numbers are, Miller was even better. The Panthers knew five minutes into the game that they were going to have to double and triple team Miller, and that opened the flood gates for everyone else. Robert Ayers, playing for an injured Elvis Dumervil, turned in the best game of his pro career on the other side of Miller. Safety Mike Adams and others collected sacks as Miller was occupying two and three blockers on any one play.

Watt is a great player and he may very well win the award but if you are asking me who the best defensive player in the NFL is today, give me Miller. He can’t be blocked at this point and even without Dumervil, he was easily the best player on the field versus the Panthers.

On a day when Peyton Manning and the offense struggled to find their groove, Miller and the defense made a very loud statement. That statement being that the Denver Broncos are more than Manning and after week ten; they might be the best team in the league.

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