Final Verdict: San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers, Innocent or Guilty?

By Anthony Blake
Philip Rivers - San Diego Chargers

Now that we have heard the case of San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers from both sides, it’s finally time to try and come to a verdict on his future with the team. Both arguments make valid points for and against Rivers as the starter moving forward, but there will only be one answer for this team when push comes to shove. Let’s highlight some main points from both perspectives.

While Rivers has been turnover prone of late and somewhat skittish in the pocket, given the talent (of lack thereof) around him, it’s hard to place the blame solely on him. As shown by the defense’s argument, the offensive line is ridiculously porous and badly in need of an upgrade. The talented skill position players have all moved on to greener pastures and Rivers is now left with a shell of his former supporting cast. All of this leaves the quarterback in a vulnerable position with very little he can do to alter the situation.

On the other side, the turnovers have not just been habitual, but they have been game-changing in many cases. Mistakes by Rivers have shifted wins into the loss column several times over the past two seasons and that just can’t be forgiven. His trend line is definitely moving in the wrong direction (much like Head Coach Norv Turner) with turnovers increasing and the excuses mounting. There is really very little reason for optimism from fans it seems like Rivers’ best days as a Charger are behind him.

Attempting to come to a decision after serious deliberation is a difficult task and it appears that much like the future of coach Turner, the outlook for Rivers also hinges on the final outcome of the 2012 season. If this year ends the same way that the previous two have, it could be a shorter leash for Rivers or even a complete rebuild at the quarterback position. If the team manages to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make the postseason however, Rivers will have every right to maintain the starting gig as the team’s unquestioned leader.

For now, it seems we have a hung jury as to just what lies ahead for this Chargers franchise. One thing is for sure, without more wins over the course of the next seven games, there will be plenty of change happening for the Bolts in the near future.

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