Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery To Undergo Knee Surgery

By Riley Schmitt

Alshon Jeffery has pretty much had the rookie season from hell. The Chicago Bears wideout simply can not stay healthy. He returned Monday after a surgery related absence, but he will have to go under the knife again in the coming days.

Without Jeffery, the Bears have lacked another big time wideout to go along with Brandon Marshall.  Jeffery has the potential to be a stud but he needs to be on the field to make that happen.  He was developing some decent chemistry with Jay Cutler before his initial injury, which makes this sting even more.

People will second guess why the Bears had him out there Monday, but if he was healthy, they had to play him.  Jason Campbell was pretty much terrible but that does not mean you keep guys out.  It is not like Jeffery aggravated a previous injury.  It just seems to be freak things that keep happening to him in his rookie year.

There is no timetable for his return yet but I expect to see him back before the end of the year.  The Bears have six games left and I bet that the recovery from this surgery is around a month.  That would get him back for the last two games, which could be huge in terms of playoff seeding.

Hopefully Jeffery can overcome these injuries.  It is a shame to see his career already slowed down.


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