What Should the Oakland Raiders be Thankful for in 2012?

By Jeremy Hayes
Oakland Raiders
Kirby Lee- US Presswire


Happy Thanksgiving to the Raider Nation.

It has been a tough year for the Oakland Raiders, and it is hard to think of what they have to be thankful for the 2012 season.

First of all, they should be thankful that they are not in Los Angeles, California. Seriously, the NFL has talked about extending a team to Los Angeles, and Raider Nation should be proud that their fan base has twice the heart of any L.A. fan. This is coming from a non-Raider fan, but the silver and black fan base have stuck with their team, and are not afraid to call them out when they are playing poorly.

Legacy is something a family should always be thankful for, and the Raider family should always be proud of who they are. The silver and black is such a traditional theme, and the team as a whole is really a marvelous piece of the NFL that has helped them progress as a league. It is a very great organization, and they have had the luck to be run by a great man in Al Davis.

The Raiders (3-7) are having a bad run, and honestly are a bad team right now. Blame the coaching, defense, running, whatever you want; in the end, they are still a bad team.

They need to not just lay down and die, and must keep trying to win each game they play. Oakland needs to take it game-by-game and be proud of what their organization means.


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