NFL Should Cancel Kansas City Chiefs - Carolina Panthers Game In Wake Of Tragedy

By Riley Schmitt

Saturday morning, a Kansas City Chiefs player committed suicide at the team facility. This took place in front of numerous coaches, who had no idea what was about to unfold. That being said, it appears that NFL wants the Chiefs to play their game on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. This is not the right move.

In this instance, there are varying ways to handle this.  There have been games that have been played after a tragic death and there have been games that have been cancelled.  However, how many of these deaths took place at a team site in front of coaches?  These guys are probably torn up about this situation and you expect them to go game plan for a football game?  There is more to this right now than Sunday.

I will not be shocked if the game ends up being played, but that does not mean that I have to like it.  If the decision does get made, it should not come from the league.  The Chiefs organization should be the ones to make the decision.  If the players and coaches feel like taking the field, let them do it.  If they decide they need time to grieve before playing again, let them do that.  The decision should fall with them, not people who were directly affected by it.

This is a very tragic situation right now and the last thing on people’s minds should be a football game.  They say the game must go on, but sometimes a moment of reflection never hurts.

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