Why Lovie Smith's 4th Down Decision Was Bad

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith‘s decision to go for it on fourth and short in the first quarter when the Chicago Bears were in field goal range baffles my mind. There were so many more problems than solutions with that decision I’m literally sick about it. There are several reasons why this was a Dave Wannstedt-Type decision:

The Bears were winning by seven points and would have made it a two-score game. It would have put more pressure on the Seattle Seahawks.

When you resort to tomfoolery, it is a message to the other team that you don’t think you’re as good as that team. By taking the points, you don’t show weakness.

You have one of the best kickers in the game.

If you’re dumb enough to go for it in that situation, why would you hand the ball to Michael Bush? There’s two issues with that decision.

a. The last time you gave him this chance, he did get the first down and fumbled the ball. Don’t you think that might have been going through his mind?

b. Is there a reason why you didn’t use the quarterback sneak? It is unstoppable and with Cutler’s size and strength, it would seem like the best option.

The Bears offensive line currently has two new guards and a new tackle (Gabe Carimi counts as a new guard). Why would you possibly want to run behind guys that aren’t good enough to start on a suspect unit? Seems like unneeded pressure on an already maligned group.

The Soldier Field sod isn’t very good. Asking someone to get a little extra push is difficult.

It ended up being the scoring difference at the end of regulation.

Last week, I wrote a piece wondering about Smith’s future with the Bears (click here). With decisions like this, I am starting to think he may not stick around much longer.

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