Denver Broncos: A Fans Guide for Sunday/Monday

By Joe Morrone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the Denver Broncos enjoying a mini-bye after their Thursday night win over the Oakland Raiderssome fans might be wondering what to do on Sunday and Monday. Well, we are here to help. Even though the Broncos will not be in action, themselves, there is still plenty for their fans to pull for.

The Broncos are currently tied with the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens for the number two seed in the AFC; technically the Broncos are a half game in front because they have all ready played this week. The Broncos, barring a miracle, are not going to catch the Houston Texans for the top seed; so the goal is to capture that second seed and a first-round bye. Because the Broncos lost to the Patriots earlier this season, they have to finish with a better record in order to overtake them in the standings. A fan favorite, Gary Kubiak, will have a lot of fans in Denver on Monday night.

Let’s start with Sunday, there’s one big game to pay attention to for Bronco fans. The Ravens take on the Washington Redskins in the Nation’s Capitol and their former head coach, Mike Shanahan can do his old team a favor. In reality the Broncos do not need the Ravens to lose because they play them next week, and can take care of that business themselves. The Ravens, however, do have a very tough schedule over the last four weeks and it is possible that they could beat the Broncos and lose their other three games. If that happened then the Broncos would still finish with a better record, so that’s why fans should be rooting for the Redskins on Sunday. Plus, if you haven’t watched Robert Griffin III play yet this season, then you are in for a real treat.

The big one for the Broncos and everyone else for that matter is on Monday night when the Patriots host the Texans. As stated earlier, the Broncos most direct route to the coveted number two seed is to win their remaining games and hope that the Patriots lose at least one of their remaining four games. In that scenario, the Broncos would finish at 13-3 and the Patriots at 12-4. Any playoff matchup with the Patriots, in that case, would be played in Denver and that’s what the Broncos want. Winning in Houston versus the Texans in a potential AFC Championship game would be difficult but doable. The Broncos do not want to face the Patriots in New England; they could win the game but it would be extremely difficult.

The Broncos are off and it will be a stress free Sunday and Monday for their fans, but there is still plenty to focus on. In conclusion, the Broncos and their fans should be pulling for the Redskins and the Texans.

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