Tennessee Titans Need To Fire Mike Munchak

By Riley Schmitt
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

If you happened to watch the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, you would have seen a team that did not want to play. The players look like they have quit and it appears that they want the season to be over. When players look like that, you have to look at the coach. This means that Mike Munchak should be coaching his final games as the head man for the Titans.

Munchak has not done much since taking over the team.  There is not one aspect of the team that looks promising.  The quarterback can’t throw and his line isn’t doing much either.  Trust me, you need to be able to block to succeed in football.  This team gets dominated in the trenches, which is a bad sign when your coach used to be an offensive line coach.

Owner Bud Adams will not stand for play like this.  The team looks bad, which means he will not wait to make a change.  I expect Munchak to be on the very hot seat the next two weeks.  If he manages to survive this year, he would be the leader in the clubhouse to be the first guy fired next season.

Football is a rough business.  You have to have results right away and the Titans simply aren’t doing anything worth writing home about.  That means it is time for Munchak to make his bones somewhere else.  He has been with the Titans his entire career, but all good things must end.


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