No Pro Bowlers No Surprise for Tennessee Titans

By Stephanie Umek
Chris Johnson against Packers
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Normally even when a team doesn’t do very well during a season, they have at least one guy on the team make the Pro Bowl. That won’t be happening this year for the Tennessee Titans.

Both running back Chris Johnson and safety Michael Griffin were two of the Titans best bets for a Pro Bowl selection but neither player will be making an appearance this year. Griffin has been to two Pro Bowls and Chris Johnson has been two three in the last five years.

It is not necessarily a mistake that these two did not get into the Pro Bowl however to me, many times athletes on teams that are not doing so well often get overlooked. Unless you are Larry Fitzgerald, but he is a totally different kind of situation.

Both Johnson and Griffin lack something that Fitzgerald has. Experience and consistency. Griffin has two forced fumbles this season and three interceptions. Two of those interceptions came in week fifteen against the New York Jets.

Johnson had a rough start to his season but since has done an amazing job getting back on track. He has five touchdowns this season and 1,187 yards. His career high for rushing yards per season was set in 2009 with 2,006. He won’t make it that far but he has already passed his mark from 2011 and depending on his game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he could pass his total from 2008 and 2010.

Johnson has had five games this season over 100 yards but has yet reached 177 (the amount to reach his high from 2010. The Jaguars upset the Titans the last time they met so maybe Johnson could use this as incentive to push a little harder like he did in games like the Jets, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills.

They might not have made it to the Pro Bowl this year, but these are two guys that had a lot of pressure on their shoulders all season and deserve credit for it.

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