2013 NFL Draft: Geno Smith's draft stock drops in loss to Syracuse

By Jeremy Hayes
Geno Smith- Rich Barnes
Rich Barnes- US Presswire


Quarterback Geno Smith may have witnessed some NFL scouts jump off his band wagon after losing to Syracuse.

Smith has been projected to be taken first over in most mock drafts by the Kansas City Chiefs, but after a mediocre performance in the Pinstripe Bowl, Smith may not be as ready for the pros as people think. Everyone knows he is a raw talent, but he is even more raw than Robert Griffin III. He could become better than Griffin III, but he will not be taken first overall in this year’s upcoming draft class.

In a snowy game, the excuses came rolling in for the West Virginia quarterback, and he played “decent enough” according to Smith fans and other scouts.

Guess what? There is weather in football, meaning rain, wind, snow, etc. If he is a legitimate NFL quarterback, he should be able to handle games in poor weather conditions. He still went 16-for-24 passing, for only 187 yards and two touchdowns. That is minimally decent, but he had a chance to prove his worth, and failed.

He is still a first round selection, but where in the first round is yet to be determined. He can not be a first year starter, in time though, he can easily contend in the NFL.

Mike Glennon, NC State, will be the highest rated quarterback by the time the draft comes around, but there is no guarantee that the first overall pick will be a quarterback.

Smith’s stock will drop even more if Glennon has a big bowl game, but luckily Matt Barkley and Tyler Wilson will be absent in bowl week. This will help Smith keep his stock at a neutral level for the time being.

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