The Chicago Bears Draw The Line And End The Lovie Smith Era

By alibud69
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears did exactly what I wanted them to do on black Monday in the NFL. Phil Emery made a swift and decisive decision which resulted in the end of the Lovie Smith era at Halas Hall.

Whilst I agree with this move as well as being extremely impressed that this is clearly the Phil Emery show now in Chicago, I have to take a second to thank a classy Head Coach for giving up a decade of his life in the pursuit of leading the team I love to glory.

We all know that never happened, in my view today’s decision was a no brainer. Emery gave Smith a sword to fall on by saying the Bears want to win now and all coaching hires are Lovie’s decision.

Lovie Smith is a good man, he is a players coach and a lot of guys in that locker room will be hurting because the basic truth is they let their leader down.  If the Bears are ever going to win a Superbowl and be a feared franchise again this message had to be sent.

Mike Tice has been a complete disaster this season as Offensive Coordinator and not making the playoffs for the fifth time in six seasons, is not a formula for success.

Smith had his chance in Chicago and he came up short it is as brutally honest and cut throat as that.

The thing that also made this decision relatively simple for me was the question would there be a massive drop off in defensive production if Rod Marinelli stayed as Defensive Coordinator and Smith was shown the door?

In my view I really don’t think there would, I am making it clear now I don’t know whether the Bears new Head Coach will want to phase out the old system straight away.

In sum this day although a sad one is so important for the future of this franchise, the floor is now yours Phil Emery, present your vision for the future of the Bears.

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