NFL Rumors: Phony Von Miller Facebook Account Posts Message to Joe Flacco's Family

By Mark Stringer
Mitch Stringer – US Presswire

It was rumored that Denver Broncos Defensive Player of the Year candidate Von Miller posted a status on Facebook that was directed toward Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco and his family:

“If like to send out my pre condolences to the Flacco family for what’s going to happen next Saturday. #B2SB”

The message clearly was proofread and the article has since been reversed and it now says that the Facebook message came from a phony account. In addition, a Broncos spokesperson has now released a statement saying the message is not from Miller and it’s a hoax account. The spokesperson went on to say that Miller hasn’t been on Facebook recently and Miller wouldn’t have posted a message like this in the first place.

Even though this message didn’t come from Miller, or any Broncos player for that matter, Flacco and his family should still probably be worried.

Miller is one of the NFL‘s top Defensive Player of the Year candidates and for good reason: he has amassed 68 tackles, 18.5 sacks, six forced fumbles and one interception that he took back for a touchdown. When Miller isn’t adding to his sack total, he’s planting opposing quarterbacks into the turf as they release the ball, something Flacco knows very well from these two teams’ meeting in Week 15—a 34-17 Broncos win.

I’ll say this to Flacco and his family: Miller may not have posted that message, but you can bet that message will be sent one Saturday when the Broncos host the Ravens at Sports Authority Field in Denver. Better eat your Wheaties on Saturday morning, Joe.


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