Mike Singletary, Chicago Bears Are a Terrible Fit

By Jimmy Johnson
San Francisco 49ers
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

An old ghost of the Chicago Bears‘ past has found himself on the growing list of coaches they’ll interview for their head coach vacancy: Mike Singletary.

One of the leaders of the beloved 1985 team that won the franchise’s only Super Bowl, Singletary will get a chance to try and convince general manager Phil Emery he’s the Bears’ next head coach.

But after an atrocious 18-22 run with the San Francisco 49ers, Singletary shouldn’t be interviewing for the Bears or any NFL team for their respective head coach position.

While meatball fans are jumping for joy for Singletary’s knowledge of the history of the franchise and the idea of having the Hall of Famer as Chicago’s next coach, he’s an incapable candidate for the Bears. Singletary gets some fans’ hearts glowing, but he lacks experience, knowledge and the track record to make a case for his return to Chicago.

Holding onto the past of gooey memories won’t interfere with Emery’s selection, but there needs to be a clear understanding that this franchise is heading in a new, brighter direction by putting more focus and detail on offense.

Just because Singletary yells and displays sideline passion doesn’t make him a logical fit to coach the Bears. And the case that Singletary helped summoned the inner football soul of 49ers’ tight end Vernon Davis is completely absurd.

What’s even more alarming is how Singletary failed to get the most out of a San Francisco roster that at the time was on the rise, but couldn’t manage to break through the wall of mediocrity and disappointment under his direction. And with the Bears in a transition phase where their youth and strength resides on offense with Jay Cutler, Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall, Singletary isn’t a fit to lead a offensive revolution.

Sorry, Iron Mike, but a return to the Windy City won’t and shouldn’t happen anytime soon.

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