Would Rob Ryan Be A Fit For The Green Bay Packers?

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Another playoff disaster came to a close for the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night against the San Francisco 49ers. This most recent playoff implosion has sparked calls for a change. Most of the criticism has been geared towards defensive coordinator Dom Capers, and the way he let Colin Kaepernick run for a record 182 yards rushing. Capers failed to adjust to the Kaepernick’s scrambling, while making the defense look like a Pop Warner squad.

If the Packers were to fire Capers, could it leave the door open to hire Rob Ryan? It could be a perfect fit for a team that lacks identity on defense. Ryan could bring the aggressiveness that this defense needs to be successful. This Packers squad always seems to be “too nice” which often leads to defenders getting abused by tough offensive line units.

If Ryan was brought in as defensive coordinator there would be little to no change in the scheme, as Ryan runs a 3-4 defense. He would have his cornerstone to build around in Clay Matthews. There is a young talented secondary, and with a little offseason help the defensive line could be rebuilt. Ryan would’ve been on the field ripping into these guys while they were getting embarrassed on the field. This is what they need. These players are getting to content and need a verbal butt-kicking. There would be some controversy though.

The first thing everyone would say is “Rob Ryan isn’t Packer people,” which means Ted Thompson would stay away from signing a guy like Ryan. Ryan is also known for being bold and controversial during interviews. The Packers aren’t that type of organization. Coach Mike McCarthy is a stern coach who is to the point. He wouldn’t take kindly to a defensive coordinator giving bulletin board material.

I believe the things Ryan could do as a motivator and defensive coordinator could change the landscape of this defense. With an aggressive shut-down defense to go with this potent offense it could make the Packers unstoppable.

For the sake of reality this probably won’t happen, and Capers will most likely be the defensive coordinator next season. If Capers was to be fired, the team would most likely hire within if needed. Packer Nation can dream about this scenario, only if they want. Something needs to be done though.

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