Tim Brown snubbed from Hall of Fame

By Josh Walfish
Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

When the Pro Football Hall of Fame released its final 10 modern-era candidates for induction, Tim Brown was among those that were cut.

The field of wide receivers is stacked with Cris Carter and Andre Reed joining Brown as finalists. However, Brown rose above the rest in his career. He has the most receiving yards among the three candidates and the second-most yards per catch. He was named to nine Pro Bowls and was twice named an All-Pro receiver. He had 100 touchdowns and was a versatile player considering  he was an All-Pro returner.

Brown was probably the most qualified wide receiver and did not deserve to have to wait another year. Carter was an excellent receiver as was Reed, but Brown’s body of work has to speak for itself. When you compare the stats, Brown’s simply were better than the other two.

Let’s compare Brown and Carter, the receiver who actually will be enshrined in August. Carter had seven more receptions, but a 1,035 less receiving yards than Brown. Carter did have 30 more touchdowns than Brown, but averaged more than a yard less per catch than Brown did during his career. Brown was named to more Pro Bowls and was named to All-Pro team for two different positions, something Carter can’t say. Brown had a longer career and spent basically his entire career with the Oakland Raiders.

I’m not going to argue if Carter or Reed should not be in the Hall of Fame because they both certainly should, but Brown should have gone in first. At the moment, Brown is slated as the third wide receiver of the group considering he was eliminated first and that’s just not right.  Brown deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and he’ll be a snub until he gets in.

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