Denver Broncos Must Sign OT Ryan Clady to Long-Term Deal

By Mark Stringer
ryan clady contract
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The Denver Broncos may have the most important player in the NFL, and he’s currently facing free agency unless the Broncos make a move and pay the big bucks or slap a franchise tag on OT Ryan Clady for next season.

It is a must for the Broncos to give Clady a long-term deal and enough money to get him to sign. Clady protects 36-year-old future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning‘s blind side, and he has done it very well.

In other words, you should pay big to protect big money. Manning is due to receive $40 million over the next two seasons and Clady will be a huge part in making sure Manning is healthy enough to perform the way he did this season and earn that high salary.

The most important part of a team is the left tackle who protects the quarterback’s blind side. This position is the second-highest paid next to the quarterback and rightfully so. Not only do they protect the quarterback, they also help provide running lanes for running backs. Without a great offensive line, a team is not able to put up enough points to win games or even think about a run at a Super Bowl.

The Broncos have a fifth-year stud offensive tackle in Clady and he has been a Pro Bowl selection multiple times, and has been considered a top-tier tackle since his debut in 2008.

Denver knows how important Clady is and the team will make him happy to be a Bronco for a long time.


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