When Will the Green Bay Packers Honor Brett Favre?


The Green Bay Packers organization and fans are the biggest collection of babies and whiners. There’s absolutely no reason why the organization hasn’t honored Brett Favre. While Donald Driver was a fine football player and a class act, he didn’t mean nearly as much to the organization as Favre. And yet, they treated Driver’s retirement like he was Jerry Rice. Meanwhile, nothing has been done for #4.

Let’s remember that it was Packers’ GM Ted Thompson that traded Favre to the New York Jets when it was time to start Aaron Rodgers. Is Favre supposed to stop playing out of respect to the Packers. Even legendary coach Vince Lombardi ended his career with the Washington Redskins. Should he not be honored either? Sorry Favre finished his career with the Minnesota Vikings. The man wanted to play football, and he was within his legal and constitutional right to play for another team.

Even the bigot Reggie White (who also played for other teams after the Packers) was honored properly. The list goes on-and-on. But the one guy who actually was the catalyst to the latest Packers’ dynasty is treated like absolute crap.

As a Chicago Bears fan, even if Brian Urlacher ends his career with the Packers, do you think I do not respect and honor everything he did with the Bears. Meanwhile, unlike Urlacher, Favre won a Super Bowl. Favre was the best quarterback in football. His durability and style was ridiculous. But the organization cannot invite him back because he insulted Thompson and the rest of Green and Mold fans by continuing to play.

But then again, what can I expect from fans that think Ryan Braun is a swell cat?

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