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NFL Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have to cut J’Marcus Webb

Jay Cutler and J'Marcus Webb


J’Marcus Webb made one of the Chicago Bears‘ off-season decisions a bit easier today with the news that he had been arrested in Pulaski County, Ill. on charges of possession of a controlled substance, cannabis and drug paraphernalia. While the drug charges have since been dropped, this still points to a very troubling sign for the embattled Bears’ left tackle.

Webb, a 2010 seventh-round draft pick, has been a major pariah nearly since becoming  the starting left tackle for the Bears early in the 2010 season. One of the most inconsistent offensive linemen in the NFL, he has been a massive disappointment considering his sheer size alone. He often misses his blocks completely and jumps off sides. Fans have been screaming for him to be benched or cut pretty much since he first set foot on the field as a starter.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has shown some major frustration at points with Webb and his shortcomings. Just last season in a week 2 game versus the Green Bay Packers, Cutler was seen giving Webb a shove on the sideline for what Cutler considered a lack of attention and care about the game. This caused a major firestorm in the media, but Webb should have received just as much criticism for how poorly he played that night.

Here Webb is suppose to protect a franchise quarterback’s blindside, but what is he doing? Smiling and laughing as he runs off the field after his quarterback is scraping himself off the field once again. This is not a man taking his craft seriously–not to mention Webb is often on Twitter asking fans for free taco coupons from Taco Bell or tweeting pictures of himself at the drive-thru at McDonalds.

These are not the traits of a left tackle who is getting his body in the best condition possible for an NFL team. I have no problem with players eating at these places, but you do not tweet asking for coupons or pictures of yourself in the drive-thru if you want to be taken seriously. All of these issues put together should have the Bears very concerned.

Left tackle is the most important position on the offensive line, if not the entire offense in general. The left tackle has to protect his quarterback’s blindside. The Bears and Webb have failed Cutler greatly in that regard since his first start in early 2010.

Now Webb has failed himself and the Bears as a whole by putting himself in a position to be arrested for something so incredibly stupid. For this reason alone, it is time for the Bears to move on from him. For the good of the Bears, their offense, Cutler and the organization as a whole, they have to find a better option at left tackle who will actually care about his craft and his team.