Steven Jackson Fits the Bill for Atlanta Falcons

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

With the release of Michael Turner, the Atlanta Falcons find themselves in need of running back this off-season. Free agency starts in just a few days, and many are speculating that Steven Jackson could find his way down to the ATL.

This would be a move that makes sense for both sides. The Falcons are in need of a bruiser to complement Jacquizz Rodgers in their backfield, and Jackson likely wants to win a ring before his career ends in a couple seasons. Overall, I think this is a good short-term move for both parties.

Jackson is far from washed up. It did seem that way at times during the 2012 season, but the veteran rebounded and finished strong on his way to an eighth consecutive season of 1,000-plus rushing yards. Mighty impressive, to say the least.

But facts are facts, Jackson is set to turn 30 this summer and, we all know what happens to running backs at that point. However, given the situation in Atlanta, Jackson would fit in very nicely to complement the speedy Rodgers. It wouldn’t be a ‘carry the load situation’ for the veteran.

We’ve all seen that Jackson is still capable of picking up those tough yards on third down, and that he can still get it done in general on Sundays. If the Falcons do make him an offer, it says to me that they’re just reloading for another run in 2013. They may even just view Jackson as a guy who’s got one more good season in him to compete for a title.

In reality, that might be all Jackson is at this point – a guy with enough gas left in the tank for one, maybe two Super Bowl runs with a contender. But I don’t see anything wrong with that, for either side.


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