Should New York Giants Entertain Getting Tim Hightower?

By Andrew Lecointe
Tim Hightower Washington Redskins
Bob Donnan- USA TODAY Sports

For over a month now, it has been said that the New York Giants will bring in former Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins’ RB Tim Hightower for a free agency visit. Hightower tore his ACL in the 2011 season with the Redskins, forcing him out of action for the entire 2012 season. He was fairly productive in his tenure with the Cardinals and Redskins, but there may be doubts about his health because of the ACL injury.

With the current depth the Giants have at that position, I am wondering why they are even entertaining potentially signing Hightower. He should be fully recovered from his injury, but it doesn’t appear the Giants need him at all, as they currently have solid running backs already.

The Giants are planning on relying on RB David Wilson and RB Andre Brown. They also have RB Da’Rel Scott and RB Ryan Torain, in addition to drafting RB Michael Cox out of UMass in the seventh round. Since Cox was such a late pick, it is fair to assume that he may not even make the team unless he impresses like another UMass alum, WR Victor Cruz.

If the Giants want a reliable third running back, they should look no further than two familiar names. RB Ahmad Bradshaw, who was cut this offseason, could be had for cheap since it appears there aren’t many teams vying for his services. Former Giants’ RB Brandon Jacobs, who had a tumultuous season with the San Francisco 49ers, can be had for cheap as well since it appears there are no teams who are interested in him.

Hightower may be solid, but Bradshaw and Jacobs are familiar faces who may be even better than Hightower at this point. It’s not costing much money either way, but the Giants should play it safe here.

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