Travis Frederick Brings Toughness to Dallas Cowboys

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

No matter what you thought of the Dallas Cowboys spending a first round pick on Travis Frederick, the time for reflection is over. The Cowboys, and their fans, can only look forward to the future with Frederick helping improve the offensive line. So far, it looks like the Cowboys have a winner in Frederick.

I realize it’s only been a few weeks and just one rookie mini-camp but all indications are that Frederick will be a day one starter on the Cowboys offensive line. While that is great news, Frederick appears to be bringing something even better to the Cowboys offensive line, toughness. Dallas has been missing that smash-mouth, toughness along their offensive line ever since Larry Allen left the team.

That isn’t to say the Cowboys haven’t had their share of physical players on their offensive lines since then, Andre Gurode and Marc Columbo come to mind but neither of them compared to Allen, and Frederick seems to be bringing a much needed toughness back to the Cowboys up front. By the way, when those two players lined up together on the Cowboys offensive line, Dallas was seventh in the NFL is rushing in 2009 and they’ve declined ever since. Having that toughness makes a difference and if Frederick’s on-field play doesn’t convince you of his toughness, his attitude on the game of football certainly will.

“The thing I like about football the most is that you get to do things on the field that you can’t do off the field,” Frederick said. “I can be this kind of guy out here with you guys, but it would be pretty illegal for me to just beat you up. On the field, I get a chance to do that. I get a chance to legally beat somebody up, so I take advantage of that when I can.”

That is exactly the type of attitude the Cowboys need along the interior of their offensive line and let’s hope it rubs off on some of the other offensive linemen. Looking at their current group and you’d be hard pressed to find other linemen with that attitude. I love Tyron Smith but he seems to be a gentle giant, which is fine for him, but sometimes you need that nastiness from your players up front and Frederick will bring that.

It’s about toughness and attitude and Travis Frederick brings both to the Dallas Cowboys. The Frederick era might not have started out smoothly for most Cowboys fans on during the draft but I have a feeling they will love the way it plays out on the field.

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