Rookie WR Ifeanyi Momah Could Play Key Role in Philadelphia Eagles New Offense

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Former Boston College WR Ifeanyi Momah has dropped jaws and raised eyebrows ever since he first stepped foot on the gridiron due to his massive, 6′ 7″ (now embellished to a 6′ 8″ listing) frame.

Yes, “big and tall” is certainly the norm when it comes to football, but the wide receiver position is typically inhabited by athletes that stand around the 6′ mark. Some of the best receivers in the NFL are certainly tall, imposing figures (Calvin Johnson: 6′ 5″, Larry Fitzgerald: 6′ 3″), but a wide-out that clears six-and-a-half feet is certainly a rare specimen.

Momah never did anything too notable in college until the first game of his senior year when he hauled in 8 catches for 157 yards; both easily career-highs. But in a treacherous twist of fate, Momah tore his ACL in the same game and missed the remainder of his senior year.

But after another long year away from competitive football, Momah signed on with the Philadelphia Eagles this spring after new head coach Chip Kelly hand-picked the big fella.

If Momah is able to use his massive height to leap over and beyond opposing defensive backs, his potential in the NFL is truly endless. Even if he is not the fastest or most elusive guy on the field, the ability to get up sky-high for jump balls is incredibly useful in the NFL.

Furthermore, if young-pup Eagles QBs Nick Foles or Matt Barkley end up taking the reins at signal-caller this year, a giant target like Momah is literally a dream come true. While the biggest struggle for most young quarterbacks is throwing accuracy, Momah’s height and wing-span make him almost impossible to miss.

He is certainly a raw, unproven talent at this point, but if Momah is able to fine-tune his skills and out-work his competitors, I see a bright future for the new sky-scraper in Philly.


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