Tony Romo Has Become a Teacher For Dallas Cowboys Receivers

By Ben Grimaldi
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Just because Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can’t practice with the team due to surgery to remove a cyst on his back, doesn’t mean he isn’t helping his team win in any way he can. In the first few weeks of OTA’s, Romo has been on the field teaching the offense to the receivers and rookies.

Dez Bryant answered some questions about Tony Romo and his relationship with him recently and Bryant spoke about Romo’s new-found role.

“Now, whenever Tony asks me a question, I know. He not only does it to me. He does it to the rest of the guys. He just makes sure that we’re all on top of our games. The relationships all these wide outs have with Tony is fabulous. We just basically focusing on executing on plays and doing our best to our ability.”

Jerry Jones said he wanted Romo to be more ‘Peyton Manning like’ and being a teacher is something Manning is known for. However, this isn’t exactly new territory for Romo and looking back at the past few seasons we can see Romo has taken a much larger role in the offense. Who can forget Romo actually telling every receiver what to do during a Monday night game against the Washington Redskins in 2011?

If you haven’t noticed it since then, Romo has taken command of the Cowboys’ offense and guided the young group of Dallas receivers. Aside from Miles Austin, the Cowboys in the past few years have had a young group of wide outs and Romo continues to mentor them. Dez Bryant, Dwayne Harris, Kevin Ogletree and Cole Beasley were all inexperienced players who Romo tried to help out as much as possible. We can look at Bryant as an example of how much influence Romo has had because early on in his career Bryant was still learning how to run routes. Even up until early last year Romo was helping Bryant improve and everything finally clicked for Bryant mid-way through the season. Obviously the coaches also had plenty to do with Bryant’s improvement but Romo should be given credit as well.

The Cowboys offense also played much better past year when they were forced into the hurry up offense and Romo controlled it. It could also be the reason the Cowboys were willing to make Romo a bigger influence on their new offense.

Even without being healthy enough to practice, Tony Romo is helping the Cowboys get better on offense. Romo has become a teacher, and more importantly, every year he’s becoming a better leader for the Dallas Cowboys.

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