New York Jets Face Dilemma as QB Competition Continues

By Nick Mamary
geno smith jets
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Attention is nothing new when it comes to the New York Jets. Despite their miserable results last year, they were constantly in the headlines. Now, an open quarterback battle  dominates the discussion around the team.

Embattled Mark Sanchez enters his fifth season following a dramatic regression in 2012. His struggles were so profound that this franchise abandoned its future plans.

Sanchez was selected in 2009’s NFL Draft out of USC to be the Jets’ leader. Issues in confidence and ball security have placed that in doubt, with a change taking place as GM John Idzik decided to select Geno Smith out of West Virginia 39th overall during this year’s draft.

Smith represents potential going forward. Team management saw better decision-making and accuracy than what Sanchez brings to the table. Idzik promised no guaranteed starters at any position. These two men are clear-cut favorites at quarterback.

Greg McElroy and Matt Simms are likely vying for the third spot as reports state that Simms currently leads. Keeping a player with no regular season experience given his mediocre results at Tennessee makes no sense. McElroy might not be great, but least he has seen real action. The more high-profile pair also presents an interesting dynamic.

As I have said, there is really no way to justify starting Sanchez again. Fans lost any faith in the team’s former prized prospect, even if he believes that no change will be made. Going in another direction presents a problem, however.

Smith may not be ready for Week 1 to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dropped balls from receivers and pressure could lead to diminished confidence. Being called into action too soon might have contributed to Sanchez’s downfall, so repeating this could be damaging to the young QB if rushed into action.

Either way, the Jets have a difficult choice while both options present risks.



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