Why Ryan Tannehill Will Never Be a Franchise Quarterback


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Fans of the Miami Dolphins have high hopes for last year’s fourth-best rookie quarterback. Whether or not those hopes are justified remains to be seen.

Statistically speaking, Ryan Tannehill had a well below-average season. He finished up with 12 TDs, 13 interceptions, nine fumbles, and an overall rating of 76.1. His believers might point to the NFL learning curve as the reason for his struggles, but the obvious counter-argument to that would be Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson. If Tannehill was not ready to start his rookie year, then the Dolphins shouldn’t have started him.

But they did, and if a starting quarterback in the NFL throws more interceptions than touchdowns, that should be a warning sign, rookie or not.

The Dolphins may have done everything they could this offseason to surround Tannehill with playmakers on offense, but he will never be more than an average quarterback in the NFL. Dolphins fans got excited when they saw the kid make a few good throws and lead their team to second in the division. Unfortunately, second in the AFC East hasn’t meant all that much this past decade, as the team’s 7-9 record suggests.

If the term ‘franchise quarterback’ is taken literally as someone who is the face of a franchise and carries the hopes of an organization, then Ryan Tannehill may already be that. But, if it’s taken to mean someone who consistently makes their team better and carries them to sustained success, then Dolphins fans are in for a major disappointment.

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  • Keith Strouse

    And this is based on your opinion? Plenty of good qbs have had below average rookie seasons. Plenty of good rookies hit sophomore slumps. Tannehill did pretty well with the little he had last year, why not wait to see what he could do with more? Oh yeah, you’re a bills homer, I forgot. Save your opinions for twitter, present an actual argument based in history or statistics, I want the 45 seconds it took me to read this mind fart back.

  • Connie Jenkins

    Let’s deal with the facts Matt Ploss. You know, the truth of this matter. First of all, the 3 rookie QB’s taken ahead of Tannehill in that draft class were more experienced because they played the QB position their whole college career. Which brings me to just this………………..Tannehill had only 19 starts ( that’s 2 college seasons ) at QB in college while the other 3 had 4 years at QB during college, so yeah it’s obvious the others were going to look better than he did from an experience standpoint you IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your so called opinion has no chance even in the least bit of ever coming true. Tannehill made rookie mistakes last season just like the other 3 and for a QB that had limited experience such as him to come out and have the kind of season he did with limited receiving threats. Why will Ryan Tannehill become a franchise QB, because he has all the tools that you look for in a Franchise QB. What does a QB need to be successful in this league? A solid offensive line, a running game, and good receivers. I left out the franchise QB because I KNOW we have one already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!