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5 Baltimore Ravens Veterans That Deserve To Be Cut

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5 Baltimore Ravens Veterans That Deserve To Be Cut

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Coming up with a list of players that should be cut was not an easy task. I mean these guys bleed, sweat, and cry, but probably not nearly as much as I do whenever I hear Barbra Streisand, not because I think her music is beautiful, but that its sickening sound hurts my poor little ears.

I've picked five players, but I won't put them in any particular order. All of the players I selected definitely have talent, so I think it would be wrong to say that one guy sucks more than another. The players I chose are guys that haven't lived up to expectations. Any player in their second year or higher is eligible to be on this list. Rookies and free agents brought in during this offseason are not eligible to be on my dubious list.

I did think of having a surprise player on the list, and that player was to be Haloti Ngata. I was going to say that he deserved to be cut under the condition that he had another down year and couldn't stay healthy again, because it wouldn't make sense to keep him seeing as he has one of the highest cap numbers on the team. I just couldn't bring myself to put Ngata on the list; he's been too good for too long, but if the 2013 season is a another disappointment then we can talk.

Without any further ado, I present to all of you five Baltimore Raven players that should be cut. At least if any of them are cut in real life they'll still have a Super Bowl ring to take with them. Onward ho my friends.

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Ed Dickson

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I guess it's no surprise that I would have Ed Dickson on my list seeing as I had him in my title picture. Dickson is part of what's looking to be a disappointing 2010 draft class for the Baltimore Ravens. Fellow tight end taken one round after Dickson, Dennis Pitta, has had a much bigger impact than Dickson. For a "pass catching" tight end Dickson hasn't done much pass catching.

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Terrence Cody

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Good ole fat boy Terrance Cody. Cody is a part of the disappointing 2010 draft I alluded to earlier, and Sergio Kindle was the first pick in that draft and he's no longer on the team. Cody has not lived up to expectations as the big run stuffer up the middle. He was beaten out for the starting job last year and odds are he will be again to rookie Brandon Williams. I think the ending pun here is rather obvious. Wait for it. Time to cut the fat.

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Anthony Allen

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Now I know what most of you are saying. Who the hell is Anthony Allen? Allen is a third string running back that isn't that great of a runner, can't block, and can't catch. Allen plays mostly on special teams, but the Ravens have two backs on the practice squad Damien Berry and Bobby Rainey who are both better then Allen.

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Jah Reid

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Jah Reid is a backup offensive lineman that's played both tackle and guard. Reid started some games at the revolving door LG spot, but he never stood out and never wowed anyone. Kelechi Osemle took over the LG spot in the playoffs and looks to be the guy at the position. I have trouble figuring out where Reid fits in for the long term considering the Ravens brought in a few new linemen in the 2013 draft. At least he has a pretty cool first name, Jah.

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Tyrod Taylor

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I've never been a fan of Tyrod Taylor as a quarterback. Taylor is a great runner with the football, but the dude can't throw and as far as I can see doesn't have the heart of a lion like Tim Tebow. I would like Taylor a lot more as a number three QB that could come in for special packages kind of like a Brad Smith. I just wouldn't be confident at all if Joe Flacco was out for a few games. Hopefully that doesn't happen (literally knocked on wood after I typed that).