New York Jets Preseason Game 1: What To Watch Out For

By Stephen Conway
New York Jets Team Shot
Richard Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets open up their 2013 campaign Friday with their first preseason game of the season against the Detroit Lions. There are many story lines in this game alone, but more so for the rest of the preseason. Lets go over some of those.

Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez?

Obviously, the most talked about story line thus far and for the rest of the preseason will be the positional battle at quarterback. Will incumbent Sanchez retain the starting job, or with the rookie Smith prevail, it’s left to be seen. Sanchez has the start against the Lions, which means more pressure will be on him. Maybe Smith can use this to his advantage and play a lights-out second quarter.

Can Stephen Hill play this year?

All throughout preseason, we have been told that Hill has had a tremendous camp thus far. Now, it’s time to prove it. Jets fans want to see Hill live up to his expectations.

Will another wideout step up?

Zach Rogers and Ryan Spadola have opened up eyes in camp, and it’ll be interesting to see if either one of these guys open up eyes in the game. I personally will be pulling for both of them; I want to see another underdog make it big in the league, much like the Victor Cruz.

And what about the rookies?

How will the rookies show today? We already talked about Smith, but how does Dee Milliner play, Sheldon Richardson and my other rookie to watch out for, Tommy Bohanon, who is trying to take Lex Hilliard‘s job. It’ll be interesting to see how these guys play tonight.

Quinton Cople’s debut is another pressing situation.

Every team needs a legitimate pass rusher, and everyone thought Coples would be that guy for the Jets. He had a pretty good rookie season, but he’s at a new position now, outside line backer, and we will see how he adapts to his new spot.

These are just a few story lines to watch out for this game. There are obviously many more, however, this will be a very telling matchup for the Jets and how they move forward.

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