Seattle Seahawks: Michael Robinson or Spencer Ware?

By Todd Pheifer
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have some choices to make, and they will have to make them soon. Obviously, the ‘Hawks are not alone, as every team in the NFL will need to make some tough roster decisions.

For the Seahawks, one decision may concern the fullback position. Michael Robinson is the 30-year-old proven veteran. Spencer Ware is the fresh, 21-year-old rookie. Who gets the job?

Can the Seahawks afford to keep two fullbacks on the roster? Does Ware end up on the practice squad? This could be a key decision for the Seahawks, as the fullback is the guy who often plays the thankless role of clearing space for the running back. Ware will get playing time in the preseason, but lots of guys get playing time even though they will not be donning the uniform once September rolls around.

This Seahawks squad is a running team, and you want the best possible space-clearing catalyst for Marshawn Lynch. As Beast Mode goes, so goes the rest of the offense. Do you trust this job to a brand new kid out of college?

Despite the experience and savvy of someone like Robinson, it would not be shocking if the Seahawks let him go at the end of preseason. The NFL is not a league that keeps a ton of veterans around just because they accomplished something in the past. This isn’t MLB or the NBA where guys can hang around and enjoy their guaranteed contracts.

No, the NFL is definitely a league of “what have you done for me lately.” Lately, Michael Robinson has been a great fullback. Unfortunately for him, 30 is not a good number in professional football.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Conventional wisdom suggests that Robinson gets one more year in the backfield, and perhaps Ware gets a spot on the practice squad. Then again, Pete Carroll is not afraid to make tough choices and let popular players go.

Such is the brutal nature of the NFL.

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