Naming Michael Vick as Starting Quarterback of Philadelphia Eagles Was Elementary for Coach Chip Kelly

By christopherbrown
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Now, for the “ya think” announcement of the day: The Philadelphia Eagles named Michael Vick as the team’s starting quarterback. According to first year head coach Chip Kelly, the race between Vick and second year backup turned starter turned backup again, Nick Foles, was as tight as a competition can be between a guy that can run an offense and one that can’t run.

Kelly was the architect to one of most unstoppable offenses ever seen in his days as the play-caller and chief at the University of Oregon. Kelly’s offense is designed to get mobile quarterbacks in space allowing them the option to throw, run, or pitch to running backs in seams created by lateral moving offensive linemen.

Vick is the most explosive quarterback the NFL has seen.  He has a big arm and next to world class foot speed, but at just 6-feet tall, he becomes a liability when asked to stand behind a wall of giants, read a defense he can’t see, and deliver a high percentage pass down field. Kelly’s offensive approach capitalizes on what qualifies Vick as special talent, assuming Kelly’s offense works at all in the NFL.

Kelly is not the first coach to enter the league with a get-six-quick scheme to revolutionize professional football. He also wouldn’t be the first to fail at such an attempt. But unlike most young play callers looking to buck the system, Kelly has shown signs that he’s willing to concede if all fails.

The 6-foot-5 Foles is an NFL prototypical stand in the pocket quarterback. The race between himself and Vick was nothing more than a brilliant insurance policy aimed to pressure Vick to practice and play as though he’s fighting for his job with a traditional backup as an exit strategy ready in case Kelly has to scrap plan A.

Kelly also drafted former University of Southern California All-American Matt Barkley in the fourth round. Barkley, a surprise draft choice by the organization, is also a stand in the pocket dart thrower.  One has to wonder: How confident is Kelly that his success at Oregon can repeat itself on Sundays?

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