Billy Davis Jr. Realistic About Philadelphia Eagles' Progress

By williambontrager
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive coordinator Billy Davis was honest with reporters about his young, inexperienced defense. It is in its beginning stages. Although there are some veterans on defense like Trent Cole, the scheme is new to him as well. It is almost refreshing to hear some transparency after the years with Andy Reid and his droning, gruff, “we have to do a better job,” statements.

As long as he is coordinator, Davis will be measured up to Jim Johnson’s old nasty defense that legend Brian Dawkins belonged to, so he should get used to it. Here in the Delaware valley, fans want to see a Philadelphia Eagles squad that will strike fear in the heart of teams and leave their knees to quiver in the huddle.

Davis was asked that by reporters, and he was quick to throw ice water over the issue. “The foundation is laid but there’s so much work to be done yet,” he dryly added.

So most likely, there will be no petrified receivers this year scared to cross in the middle or take a hit from Nate Allen. Last game, there were some great tackles, but there were also some coverage issues. Looking forward, Davis is taking a balanced approach and is confident that they are building up to a team that can be imposing to opponents.

On Saturday, they play the Jacksonville Jaguars, and this will be the test to see who stays and who gets sent packing. Davis has been adamant about that. Unlike the offense, there are no spots yet secured on the other side of the ball. We should be realistic about the goals on defense and enjoy this process of rebuilding after what was a horrific disaster last season.

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