Chip Kelly's Offense with Philadelphia Eagles Will Overwhelm Injury-Prone Michael Vick

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

So, Michael Vick has earned the starting job for the Philadelphia Eagles.

A chorus of exultation goes out to the media for their achievement. They practically pushed and pushed for him the whole time. This same media that wanted to hiss, moan and cry when Chip Kelly re-signed him, has now crowned him as their shining knight in midnight green.

Well here are some things to think about that should cause those that are ready to give him the keys to the kingdom some reflective pause.

Is the read-option really good for him?

As much fun as Vick is claiming to have right now, I doubt he’ll echo that same sentiment when the regular season erupts. Sure, he jumped in for a quarter, threw a bomb to DeSean Jackson, tickled the ears of the media, and won the start over Nick Foles. He has been very impressive, seemingly, breathing the crisp air in the fast-paced realm of Kelly.

But Vick is accident prone. He refuses to slide to the turf. He has balls tipped because his six foot frame can’t bend over the towers of the defense. He holds the ball too long, or has proven that he does in the past.  These are not good combinations for a quarterback who has to command this lightning quick offense.

Even handing the ball off requires the quarterback to scramble a bit.

Eventually defenses will simply hit the quarterback every play and that will spell trouble for Vick. As fast as he is, Vick has been a magnet for those salivating defenses in the previous seasons. The improved offensive line won’t be able to hold them back for long unless No. 7 shows us something different this year. I’m hoping he does, but I’m not holding my breath.

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