Detroit Lions: Punks of the NFL Strike Again, Show Why They Are NFL’s Most Brainless Team

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For the last couple of years, the Detroit Lions have had a mantra about them that not many people can tolerate. Every week during the preseason or regular season — it doesn’t matter to them — somebody from the team makes headlines by doing something out of line, and just plain stupid.

It seems that since the Lions drafted Ndamukong Suh that this has been the case. Suh has repeatedly said he plays a certain way and cannot help his physicality during the game, but the majority of fans and experts see it differently.

The defensive tackle is notorious for making life a living nightmare for quarterbacks, but not in the correct way — he enjoys stepping on them and hitting them in whatever we he deems necessary.

Defensive lineman Nick Fairley has also gotten his fair share of penalties thrown his way due to late hits and so-called ‘dirty’ plays. Fairley and Suh are just the more frequent culprits, but the Lions’ entire defense simply cannot escape the label of being called a dirty team.

Most recently in a preseason matchup with the New England Patriots, defensive lineman Willie Young taunted quarterback Tom Brady after an incomplete pass by grabbing his jersey and pointing a finger in his face.

Let’s get this straight. Young was so incredibly moronic that he decided to make fun of arguably the greatest quarterback of all time for a mere incomplete pass in a completely meaningless preseason game. Did I get that right? Good.

Head coach Jim Schwartz has his work cut out for him. Not only is he on the hot seat this year for obvious reasons — not winning games — but he can’t control his team to save his life. Recently, Schwartz said that he pulled Young from the game because he had ”had enough” of the penalties and late hits.

Did that work?

No, not in the least. The Lions had a total of three more late hit/unsportsmanlike conduct flags thrown for a total of five in the game — a preseason game.

Coach, you better get these guys under control or your job is as good as gone.

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  • JT

    Ryan, do you have any Idea how football
    was played in the past? You would have a mental break down on how
    “dirty” they really played. In
    addition, If you reported on butkus you would have needed to get a testosterone shot before watching him play. No offence but I highly
    doubt you ever played football yourself. When are you going to stop trying
    to feminize the NFL?
    It seems ridicules that
    writers like you consider a mean player like Suh as a type of bully. If this
    were soccer you would have a case. What you consider as Suh being dirty, Is part of being tough
    and having fortitude and the testosterone to win. Before you accuse a player of being “dirty” Read about Dick Butkus, Mean Joe green, Lawrence Taylor, Mike Ditka, Bubba Smith, jack Lambert, Mike Curtis,
    Conrad Dobler and the list goes on. I don’t agree
    with your assertion that the “majority of fans” see it differently.
    Did you ask every fan? Why did most of what you consider a “dirty
    player” were inducted to the hall of fame? I agree with you on the “brainless”
    penalties especially after
    the whistle. However, it seems that you rather the NFL turn into touch
    football. Check your manhood guy. Give me a break.

    • Luke Grothe

      JT, do not talk about Suh like the FACT that he is a dirty player isn’t even a debatable one, because when you say that, you aren’t just arguing with this writer, you’re telling dozens and dozens of others that they’re wrong. You’re not criticizing, what you’re saying is not constructive. Apparently all those years you played football at a “high level” has taken a toll on your ability to observe and process the game when there are blatantly dirty plays coming from Suh consistently year after year. Its not about manhood, its not about being hard, its about rules. Suh breaks them. On purpose.

      And since you’ve made this personal: Don’t argue and tell me he doesn’t play dirty because if you do, I literally do not have the time nor the patience nor the purpose to argue with you because you have no place talking football with me or Mr. Heckman because in that instance you clearly belong at a poker table along with the rest of “I played football at a high level” bullshits drinking shitty beer and ranting about how the game used to be so much better when it was more physical. I know plenty of guys who play or who have played collegiate football who don’t know who won last year’s super bowl. It doesn’t impress me or anybody else, so please, don’t use it as a credential. Your take on Suh’s reputation as a dirty player is literally all I need to know in order to make a confident determination of where your knowledge of TODAY’S game is at. You’ve made that apparent, so thanks.

      • J.r. Dorland

        That play was not dirty. He has a rep for being dirty year after year? He had a fantastic clean year last year. He had one personal foul. The play you show here was not called a penalty and the NFL front office agreed. he had one emotional year and the was 2011 where he did let his temper get the best of him. I conceded that, but for you to say he has been a dirty player year after year is unfounded and unsubstantiated. there is no proof to back up your statement.

  • Ryan Heckman

    You must be from Detroit. I apologize if I upset you. There’s no argument. Detroit plays dirty. Blatantly stepping on a quarterback is pretty obvious. Late hit after late hit after late hit is pretty obvious. Of course I know how football used to be played. Times have changed. The game has matured, as should the players. I have nothing wrong with a good, clean hit. But there are obvious lines that need not be crossed. Plenty of NFL players have said they never have an intention of hurting an opponent and they follow through with their word. Suh is about as trustworthy as a bear at a campsite. He will do whatever he wants without any respect for his peers or the integrity of the game, period.

    By the way, questioning somebody’s manhood seems a bit childish, don’t you think? Just my opinion.

    • J.r. Dorland

      Suh plays with passion and is definitely not a dirty player. he drew one personal foul last year. I guess he is the only nfl player to get a personal. He grew up and while he plays with passion , he has gained control of his emotion. He is arguably one of (if not the best) the best defensive lineman in the NFL. get over it. The media tried to make him look terrible last year and failed. The NFL front office wouldn’t agree with the media either. You are a jerk.

  • JT

    No Sir, I am not a Detroit fan. No doubt Schwartz needs to control his team. That I
    can agree. My argument and disagreements are the attacks on Suh and others in
    the NFL. It is difficult to explain to someone who has never played the game on
    a collegiate level let alone on a professional one. I don’t want to be rude
    here. Please take this as constructive criticism. Some reporters, writers that
    use their “feelings” as their attacks on players are deficient in digging up facts and history of how many hall of famers played the game of football. I have studied players of the past that some would consider “dirty” players. One example (and I have tons more) is an interview written in sports illustrated on Mean Joe Green.

    ….”I never had
    a desire to hurt anybody,” Greene says. “I have at certain times had violent urges, but I don’t think I ever
    have hurt anybody. Tried to a couple
    times, but I don’t think I have. Yeah, guess I have. In high school. I was
    dirty then. Kick ‘em. I might not’ve hurt ‘em, though, they might’ve just been
    afraid of me.

    “I do play football no-holds-barred. Any edge I can get, I’ll take. I’d
    grab a face mask only in a fit of anger. Uncontrolled anger is damn near

    Greene once shattered three or four of
    Cleveland Guard Bob DeMarco’s teeth, and they were big teeth way back deep
    in the jaw. Once, Greene admits, he
    tried to twist the head off a fellow professional who was holding him-

    Wow!!!! Maybe we should strip him out of the Hall of Fame. Why he should have been
    kicked out of the league!! What a hateful, angry and even wanting to Hurt
    someone player… Or should we call him a “dirty” Player?

    NFL players that can’t handle this type of competition with this type of player’s dominance usually resort to calling them the “dirtiest” player. Reporters, writers (Mostly
    those that never played the game) eco and “Polly Parrot” this name calling without
    really looking into how the game has always been played by many Hall of Famers.
    Mean Joe Greene never got criticized by the media. Suh has and this is why some
    football fans get on this band wagon because Reporters, writers usually do not
    use facts to give a BALANCE to what they report.

  • Chris Wyman

    “You’re job is as good as gone” You don’t sound anything like William Clay Ford at all. Better take a history lesson and get back to us the right way.

  • Ryan Heckman

    I find it somewhat amusing neither of you know how to use “your” and “you’re” properly while trying to make a critique. Kind of diminishes the purpose a bit.

    • J.r. Dorland

      Not at all Ryan… Willie Young is definitely a solid D lineman and got caught up in the passion of the game. While you don’t think the game matters, you are wrong. These preseason games mean a lot to the players. You are way out of line to challenge Schwartz’ Job. I am not sure who you think you are. Yes we all have a right toe express opinions, I am sure you would sing a different tune in a face to face situation. Additionally I think your real problem is that the Lions put a real whipping on the Golden Child Patriots. I guess we better get use to YOUR useless postings because I see the lions putting a lot of whippings on a lot of teams. Just so you know, proper English is not required of football fans and the lack of it doesn’t negate the validity of an arguement toward the useless garbage like this post. Get a grip.

  • Phil Naegely

    It doesn’t matter past history in cfb etc. there’s no reason to taunt Brady especially when the player is a no buddy.

    • sean


    • Connor Muldowney

      Sorry Phil, but he’s not a nobody. He’s actually a pretty solid d-lineman.

  • Brian Vallie

    NFL plays dirty, because it’s full contact and full of aggression and passion. Find a new sport to watch and stop turning this one into flag football. Men, passing judgement on other men… bonding and finding validation of self worth in act. It’s comical and sad. You should be ashamed for buying into these garbage posts by Ryan Heckman. Get of your high horses and enjoy the game… Now. Welcome to 2013 btw

    • J.r. Dorland

      I totally agree… I couldn’t have said it better myself. Who the hell is Ryan Heckman to threaten Schwartz’s job anyway.