Detroit Lions: Punks of the NFL Strike Again, Show Why They Are NFL's Most Brainless Team

By Ryan Heckman
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For the last couple of years, the Detroit Lions have had a mantra about them that not many people can tolerate. Every week during the preseason or regular season — it doesn’t matter to them — somebody from the team makes headlines by doing something out of line, and just plain stupid.

It seems that since the Lions drafted Ndamukong Suh that this has been the case. Suh has repeatedly said he plays a certain way and cannot help his physicality during the game, but the majority of fans and experts see it differently.

The defensive tackle is notorious for making life a living nightmare for quarterbacks, but not in the correct way — he enjoys stepping on them and hitting them in whatever we he deems necessary.

Defensive lineman Nick Fairley has also gotten his fair share of penalties thrown his way due to late hits and so-called ‘dirty’ plays. Fairley and Suh are just the more frequent culprits, but the Lions’ entire defense simply cannot escape the label of being called a dirty team.

Most recently in a preseason matchup with the New England Patriots, defensive lineman Willie Young taunted quarterback Tom Brady after an incomplete pass by grabbing his jersey and pointing a finger in his face.

Let’s get this straight. Young was so incredibly moronic that he decided to make fun of arguably the greatest quarterback of all time for a mere incomplete pass in a completely meaningless preseason game. Did I get that right? Good.

Head coach Jim Schwartz has his work cut out for him. Not only is he on the hot seat this year for obvious reasons — not winning games — but he can’t control his team to save his life. Recently, Schwartz said that he pulled Young from the game because he had ”had enough” of the penalties and late hits.

Did that work?

No, not in the least. The Lions had a total of three more late hit/unsportsmanlike conduct flags thrown for a total of five in the game — a preseason game.

Coach, you better get these guys under control or your job is as good as gone.

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