Hey Jealous Tim Tebow Haters: He Will Play In The NFL And Get The Last Laugh

By Joshua Molina
Tim Tebow
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

OK, Tim Tebow haters. Go ahead and celebrate. Wear a tight shirt today. Pound your little chest in front of the mirror. Feel good about yourself that even though you’re not in the NFL, neither is Tebow.

You win, for now.

The most famous quarterback in the NFL is out of a job after spending the pre-season with the New England Patriots.

But don’t dance in the end zone just yet. Somehow, someway, Tebow will be back. He’s too good of an athlete and too likable behind the scenes for someone in the NFL not to pick him up.

Let’s put the whole “Tebow’s not good enough to play in the NFL,” nonsense aside. It’s just not true. Tebow may not be Tom Brady, but he’s good enough to play quarterback, and probably other positions in the NFL.

When it comes to Tebow, it’s never been about just his ability. He, for some reason, has been held to a higher standard than every other quarterback in the NFL.

It’s not fair. What’s with all the Tebow hatred? Is it because of his strong religious beliefs? Is it because he starred in the infamous pro-life Super Bowl commercial? Is it because he has emerged as somewhat of a mainstream sex symbol, yet says he will be a virgin until married? Is it because his “Tebowing” electrified the country and became part of our pop culture?

Let’s not forget that Tebow took the lowly Denver Broncos into the playoffs. Tebow rallied his team and upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs, thanks to an overtime touchdown pass thrown. He lost the next playoff game to the Patriots. Like he’s the first quarterback to lose to Brady in the playoffs.

And we haven’t seen Tebow in the NFL since. He had a few snaps with the New York Jets, but he was never given an opportunity to play.

What Tebow haters seem to forget is that Tebow has been a winner every time he has been allowed to play. So Tebow is out of the NFL now. Thank you, John Elway. Go ahead and get behind the dinosaur to hot shot a Super Bowl victory. Like that’s going to happen.

Thank you, Rex Ryan. Looks like you ruined Mark Sanchez‘s career too. Thank you, Bill Belichick. Tebow wouldn’t fit in on a team led by a known cheater, anyway.

You all chose the past instead of the future, and those choices will likely come back to hurt you this season.

Tebow belongs in the NFL. Someone will pick him up, and he will become a star. And to the Tebow haters? He is still a lot more successful than you. And while you can hate on him, he won’t hate on you. Tebow doesn’t even know who you are.

Joshua Molina is a MMA and pro wrestling writer for rantsports.com. Follow him on Twitter @JECMolina  and  add him to your network on Google.

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