New York Giants Are NFC East Favorites, But Not By Much

By Jay Cullen
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC East is a hard division to predict as it has immense talent coupled with teams that fall apart a lot. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles always have lots of talent and both never seem to be able to work it all out. The Washington Redskins have RGIII, but he is an injury risk at all times. The New York Giants start hot and fall apart late seemingly every season.

With that being said, the Giants should be the favorite. The Eagles were 4-12 last year. They should be better, but to win the division would be a big jump. The Cowboys also have talent but can never seem to get their act together. If they do that could mean problems for the Giants, but the Cowboys have had the same core for a few years now and have not yet done much with it.

The biggest challenge to the G-Men should be the Redskins. RGIII ran rampant over them last year, and with a strong defense and good run game to go with him they will be a serious threat. No one knows exactly how RGIII will be after his knee injury last year, but if he returns to similar form, the Giants, and the whole league, should look out.

If the Giants can be 11-5 they should take the division, but at 10-6 the Redskins and Cowboys could both make a play. The Giants are the favorites to win the division, but they are by no means comfortable in the crowded NFC East.

Jay Cullen is a New York Giants writer for

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