Dez Bryant says Tony Romo Could be the 2013 NFL MVP

By Jesus Flores
Dez Bryant and Tony Romo
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, former Dallas Cowboys three-time champion, and Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin predicted that Dez Bryant would be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in 2013.

Bold statement, given that the MVP honors have never been awarded to a wide receiver. When looking at the history of the award, it typically goes to a quarterback. In fact, five out of the last six MVPs have been quarterbacks, so not saying Bryant can’t do it, but the odds aren’t in his favor; at least not right now.

Currently, the “experts” in Vegas have Peyton Manning at the top of their NFL MVP Odds listing with 5/1 odds, followed by Aaron Rodgers at 13/2. Eight players in their top-10 are quarterbacks; the only non-quarterbacks are Adrian Peterson at No.6 with 15/1 odds, and Calvin Johnson at No.10 with 20/1 odds.

On Thursday, Bryant was asked about Irvin’s comments and what it would take for him to win the MVP award, he responded: “Being a quarterback.” He then proceeded to explain that he thinks that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has a chance at being named the NFL’s MVP in 2013.

“I believe Tony’s got a good shot at being MVP because I think his mindset is to go out and get it,” Bryant said. “I honestly feel like if we do everything we’re supposed to do, he’ll get it, without a doubt. He’ll get it. If he gets it, I already know, hey, I was part of it, and that’s just as good to me.”

Bryant also said that he would welcome the NFL MVP award, but that he would be more excited to see Romo receive the recognition and know that he was a part of it.

It is amazing to see how much Bryant has grown as both a man and as a professional athlete in the span of one season. He is quickly becoming the definition of head coach Jason Garrett’s right kind of guy.

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