Peyton Manning's Seven TD Game Makes Season Record Much More Achievable

By Dylan Hughes
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After Thursday night’s stellar seven-touchdown, 462-yard performance from 37-year-old Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, some heads have certainly been turned and some opinions have been changed. Manning and the Broncos not only pounded the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens 49-27, but showed they are no one to mess with.

There is no question that Denver’s offense has improved with the addition of Wes Welker, and with finally having former basketball player Julius Thomas back from injuries and starting at tight end. If Manning can put up a dominating performance like he did opening night against a strong Ravens’ pass rush, he should be able to do some work against other teams, as well.

One big thing about last night was the touchdowns, of course. Manning tied an NFL record with 7 passing touchdowns in a single game, making his former record of total season touchdown passes much more realistic to get back. After pretty much covering two games worth of touchdowns in the first game, Manning only needs to throw three touchdowns a game to beat the seemingly impossible record.

With the way Denver’s offense played Thursday night, throwing three TDs a game isn’t too much to ask for and is certainly in reach for the legendary quarterback. There will most likely be a few games here and there where Peyton only tallies one or two TDs, but he can definitely make up for those in games where they face the division-rival Oakland Raiders, whose secondary is weak at best. You can’t ask for Manning to throw seven against anyone again, but having some games of four TDs will certainly play in his favor when going for the record.

Achieving this record has seemed impossible every time someone else got it. Dan Marino had 48, then Manning took it with 49, and then Tom Brady took it over with 50 touchdowns.

Throwing 51 touchdowns in one season is no easy task, but with the offense Peyton Manning has, it is certainly achievable.

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