Josh Freeman No Longer Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Captain, Should Take The Hint

By Devin O'Barr
Josh Freeman
Stew Milne – USA TODAY sports

Josh Freeman should start reading the tea leaves.

Anyone with eyes can see that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t sold on Freeman, but they made it ever more clear on Friday when Tampa Bay’s starting quarterback was stripped of his captain status. For the last three years, Freeman has had the “C” stitched into his chest, yet it won’t be there when the Bucs take the field this Sunday.

Instead,  guard Davin Joseph and wide receiver Vincent Jackson are the team’s offensive captains. Joseph missed all of last season with a severe right-knee injury, while 2012 was Jackson’s first year in Tampa. Long story short; the Buccaneers have lost all faith in Freeman and are still searching for true captains. You’d think that a 27-touchdown campaign would make Freeman a Bucs’ fan-favorite, but apparently players with the team have grown tired of No. 5 turnover-plagued career.

Freeman coughed up eight fumbles in 2012 alone, and everyone seems to have an issue with his inability to make the big play when it matters most. However, all is not lost for this Bucs’ quarterbacks as Freeman finally has the perfect package of a stable running game, a completely healthy offensive line and play-making wide receivers like Jackson and Mike Williams on the outside.

Mike Glennon may be a back-up as of now, but he was not drafted by the Bucs to simply sit on the sideline. Stripping Freeman of his “C” is clearly a sign that Tampa Bay is ready to move in a different direction.

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