David Wilson Drops the Ball in First Chance to Start, Bashes Fans

By justinstevens
Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports

Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants running back David Wilson was looking to prove that he was ready to step into the starting role this season. Instead of proving to everyone on the Giants team and all their fans that he was ready, he did the complete opposite. He somehow managed to put more doubt in everyone’s mind and raised more questions than there previously were.

After only seven carries for 19 yards, Wilson fumbled the ball twice and was benched after the second fumble in the third quarter. The fumble in the first half was Wilson’s first fumble in his last 130 touches of the ball. The last time Wilson fumbled was on his second career carry in the season opener last year, also against the Cowboys.

In response to the backlash that has followed since his horrific game, Wilson was on Twitter bashing his critics. He called all fantasy owners and angry Giants fans irrelevant. As irrelevant as fantasy owners should be at him, there is no way that any Giants fan should be considered irrelevant!

As Giants fans we are paying customers. We control whether we watch or go to any of the games. No Giant fan angry or not should be considered irrelevant by a player. We are in essence the reason that they have a job.

So, my advice to you Mr. Wilson, is focus as much energy towards learning how to hold on to the ball as you have towards attacking your critics and maybe, just maybe you wont fumble anymore this season. The best bet is to keep your mouth shut, because the only one expendable through all of this is you.

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