Cary Williams: A Current Inspiration On Field For His Philadelphia Eagles' Teammates

By williambontrager
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

As the preseason was kicking off, I stated that I was excited about the Philadelphia Eagles getting the ex-Baltimore Ravens player Cary Williams.

Sure, he ran his mouth to the New England Patriots when they came into town to train, was beat on coverage often in practice games, and got into a scuffle with the now famous Riley Cooper, but that is now irrelevant. He also didn’t make any instant fans in Philly when he chose his daughter’s recital instead of practice, and suffered an injury that sidelined him for a while.

But this is the town of brotherly love, and all is forgiven with an incredible performance against the Washington Redskins. I said when they first acquired him that Williams would bring toughness to the squad, something it sorely lacked last season.

Last game, Williams had a dream game with two tackles, one diving sack, and one interception where he launched himself past the receiver and brought down the ball to the jubilation of the coaches and players on the sidelines. Jordon Poyer, a rookie corner back originally from Oregon State, said of the play to

That was one of the best plays from a cornerback that I have ever seen … He zone-turned it and instead came underneath and dove for the ball. I was surprised that it wasn’t a top-10 play (on the highlights).”

The Eagles needed a player that is tough and can be inspiring to the young cadets under Billy Davis. Williams fills that role nicely and will terrorize the San Diego Chargers receivers this Sunday when he’s turned loose.

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