What Should Green Bay Packers’ Focus Be During Bye Week?

By Michael Terrill
What Should Green Bay Packers’ Focus Be During Bye Week
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

There are several different areas the Green Bay Packers must continue to work on during their bye week. Figuring out how to protect quarterback Aaron Rodgers better, get a consistent pass rush and find a replacement for wide receiver Jeremy Ross are all on the list of things to do. However, the biggest focus must be getting healthy.

With all four running backs hurt, tight end Jermichael Finley dealing with a concussion and four players out with a hamstring injury, the Packers have some serious catching up to do in the trainer’s room. The worst part is all of the players that are seriously hurt are starters or big-time difference makers that could be utilized if healthy.

There is no question the biggest concern has to be the hamstring injuries. Safety Morgan Burnett and cornerback Casey Hayward have yet to play this season, while Jarrett Bush and Clay Matthews have been added to the list. Obviously, Matthews’ injury could be a huge deal if he is unable to get healthy by the time Week 5 rolls around.

“It’s definitely a valid question,” head coach Mike McCarthy when asked about the continuation of hamstring injuries, according to FoxNews.com. “Every injury’s different. That’s why the trainers and the strength and conditioning staff view each and every injury on film. Today’s athlete, I know particularly, our football team, these guys do a great job of taking care of themselves. You factor everything in. You try not to overreact to the numbers and just stay true to the specifics. Do I have an answer for you? No.”

As much as everyone was disappointed about a Week 4 bye, it appears the schedule has started to work in the favor of Green Bay. I could not imagine watching the team attempt to get ready for a game this coming Sunday with several players unsure of the extent of their injury.

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