Philadelphia Eagles Miss Jeremy Maclin Desperately

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin went down with an ACL injury, it was seen as a big loss. The general thinking was that head coach Chip Kelly would compensate by heavily using the tight end position in his offense and featuring all his receivers. This hasn’t been the case so far.

Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, and James Casey have been used sparingly and Riley Cooper has been quiet in replacement of Maclin. The offense is still moving the football. They are second in yards. They should be scoring more points however, and are turning the football over more than they should. You have to wonder just how prolific this offense would be with Maclin across from dynamic play maker DeSean Jackson.

Right now, Jackson and running back LeSean McCoy are carrying the offensive load. They are going to need help carrying that load if this offense wants to be as effective as it possibly can be.

The Eagles will have a very interesting decision on their hands next off-season. Maclin was a big part of this Eagles’ offense. He is clearly the next best threat at receiver after Jackson, and is still a young player that fits in with the Eagles’ young offensive core. However, it is tough to gauge how he will bounce back from a devastating ACL injury. Also, the organization hasn’t seen how he  fits into Kelly’s offense.

If I were in GM Howie Roseman’s shoes, I would sign him to a short term deal to see how he fits in. However, teams needy at the receiver position will most certainly be knocking on his door. If a multi-year extension is what is needed, get it done. Maclin is a key cog in this offense. That is becoming more clear now. The Eagles look like they desperately need a third option after Jackson and McCoy. Maclin is just that. Get healthy, Mac. Your insertion into the Eagles’ offense can’t come soon enough.

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