Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Week 4 Overaction

By M. Quann Boyd
Alshon Jeffery
Rick Osentoski USA Today Sports

It had to happen sometime. I mean, there’s only been one team to ever go undefeated in the NFL, and the 2013 Chicago Bears are nowhere near the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Their Week 4 match-up with the Detroit Lions was an early season wake up call for the Bears. The plain and simple truth is that the Bears played a bad game all around, and the Lions, led by Reggie Bush, exploited the Bears in all phases of the game. From special teams miscues to Jay Cutler forcing balls into double coverage as well as the defensive line repeatedly getting knocked off the line of scrimmage, pretty much nothing went right for the Bears up in Ford Field on Sunday afternoon.

This Week 4 match-up was an early season test that the Bears failed. They could not seem to do anything right. For example, the Bears’ offense was 1-for-12 on third down conversions. The Bears were a mess in third down situations as receivers could not get open, the offensive line was exposed to the tune of giving up three sacks, and Cutler tried to force the issue resulting in interceptions. For most of the game the offense was inept, basically spinning their wheels for a few downs before punting it back to the Lions.

Now as far as the defense is concerned, the strength of the D—the front four linemen—had little to no pressure on Matthew Stafford or the aforementioned Bush. With the defense having to watch against both the run and pass, the unit wasn’t able to dictate the terms of the game. Basically, the defense played on its heels.

If there is a silver lining, it’s that late in the game when things seemed lost, the Bears battled back to at least lose with a respectable score. The Bears collectively stunk up Ford Field, but at this stage in the season maybe this is what the Bears needed — a reality check. If the Bears were even remotely cocky about their 3-0 record, that came to a crashing halt in Detroit. And with the Bears now having to look up at the Lions at the top of the division, Chicago now has even more to play for.

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