One Player Baltimore Ravens Must Slow Down Against Green Bay Packers

By Michael Terrill
One Player Baltimore Ravens Must Slowdown Against Green Bay Packers
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have a huge test in Week 6 when they take on the Green Bay Packers. There is no question it will be one of their more difficult matchups this season, which means they must take full advantage of any opportunities that pop up. Even though the Packers have several talented game changers on their roster, who is one player in particular the Ravens must slow down in order to be victorious?

If there is one guarantee for Sunday’s contest it is that Green Bay will attempt to get wide receiver Randall Cobb involved often. Cobb is Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target as the quarterback has targeted him 40 times in four games. The third-year wide receiver has responded by hauling in 25 receptions for 325 yards and two touchdowns.

Cobb’s presence in the passing game is certainly a concern, but it is his ability to do almost anything on the football field that is intimidating. Cobb does not return many kicks or punts these days. Nonetheless, he is still a major threat in the return game, as he has recorded three touchdowns, including a NFLrecord 108-yard kick return, in his career.

Believe it or not, Cobb also is capable of making huge plays while lining up in the backfield. He has attempted four rushes for 78 yards, including a 67-yard carry in Week 5 against the Detroit Lions. There is no doubt in my mind that the Packers will give him at least one chance to break a run open.

Another part of Cobb’s game that must at least be acknowledged is that he can pass the football. I understand Green Bay taking the ball out of Rodgers’ hands sounds ludicrous, but it has happened once before. It is certainly something Baltimore should not expect, but at some point Green Bay will attempt a trick play involving Cobb’s passing skills.

By far and away, the biggest threat to the Ravens is Cobb as a receiver, which is the area of his game that must be under control. His five receptions for 20-plus yards, 128 receiving yards after the catch and 14 first downs must all be taken into consideration when forming a game plan to stop him.

Simply put, the Packers have too many great wide receivers. There is no way the Ravens will prevent all of them from having a big game so the best bet is to make sure the Swiss Army knife is contained.

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