New York Giants: Should Hakeem Nicks Be Signed To Multi-Year Deal?

By Andrew Lecointe
Hakeem Nicks
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are almost at the halfway point to their season, and they don’t even have a win yet. There were questions coming into this season about money since the Giants got rid of some key players to free up salary-cap space. In getting rid of Chris CantyAhmad Bradshaw and Michael Boley, in addition to asking others to take pay cuts, the Giants were able to sign Victor Cruz to a multi-year deal.

The Giants also gave Will Beatty a multi-year deal. While Beatty hasn’t quite lived up to that new contract yet, he hasn’t been terrible either. Cruz has certainly performed well so far, but the biggest question that will come after this season will be Hakeem Nicks.

Simply put, Nicks has dropped a lot of passes and has not finished routes on some occasions, even leading to an interception against the Philadelphia Eagles a couple of weeks back. With this kind of effort being displayed, in addition to the Giants not having much cap flexibility, the Giants are now faced with a tough decision of actually investing long-term in Nicks.

A drastic measure would be to trade Nicks for valuable assets before the trade deadline this month. I’d be very surprised to see the Giants do that. However, it’s not completely out of the question considering they are one of three winless teams in the league. The Giants also wouldn’t hurt much if they let Nicks walk in free agency also.

The money that would be available if he walked would be able to get a couple of quality players in free agency, if the Giants planned on paying Nicks money comparable to a No. 1 receiver. A tough decision awaits the Giants in the offseason. Nicks isn’t playing like he wants to get paid, but things can change in the last 10 games.

The Giants should find a way to keep him. However, they should not overpay.

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