Richard Sherman Surprisingly Gives Another Cornerback a Compliment

By Andrew Fisher
Richard Sherman
USA Today Sports

Richard Sherman is well known around the NFL for being a fantastic cornerback. But he’s also known as a player that has a hard time keeping his mouth shut. Sherman is a big fan of talking trash, but to his credit, he can back it up. There’s nothing wrong with talking the talk, as long as you can walk the walk.

But when it comes to talk about other cornerbacks around the league, Sherman doesn’t usually give out too many compliments. His back-and-forth with Darrelle Revis was well documented this past summer, when Sherman claimed he was the best corner in football. Now, he’s actually said a few nice things about Patrick Peterson. The two corners are of course getting ready take the field on TNF when the Seattle Seahawks take on the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s what Sherman had to say about Peterson:

“He’s a way better athlete than I am. He moves better and he’s faster. He has so much speed that it allows him to play a little differently than I do. I have to play straight technical football. He gets to play a little looser because he can recover in a flash and get back in a play.”

I didn’t think Sherman was capable of uttering the phrase ‘he’s way better.’ There’s no denying that the Seahawks’ corner is one heck of an athlete himself, but Peterson is on another level in that department. There have been few players in NFL history that are as athletic as Peterson. However, I think you’d also have to be crazy to say Peterson is a better CB. He’s dang good, but Sherman is the clear top dog at the position these days.


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