5 Things We Learned From the NFL In Week 7

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The 5 Things We Learned from the NFL in Week 7

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Is the NFL season really almost half over? Where has the time gone? Seems like only yesterday we were talking about another New York Giants loss. In fact, though, that's been a whole week ago. This is correct. The Giants are in the win column. Apparently, the problem has been solved as to why it took this long for them to win a game. Eli and Peyton Manning cannot win a football game in the same week. That only makes sense, too. Peyton wins six in a row while Eli loses all six. Peyton loses to the Colts and Eli finally gets a win. It's simple logic.

Another thing. Can we please get rid of the throwback jerseys? Green Bay sported some this weekend against the Cleveland Browns and for a second, I thought I was watching the Twilight Zone. At least they're not as bad as the Pittsburgh Steelers and their bumble bee look.

On Monday night when Josh Freeman started for the Vikings, he became the 11th starting quarterback for Minnesota since Daunte Culpepper in 2005. Sam Bradford was lost for the season in St. Louis and now there is talk of bringing Tim Tebow on board.

Week 7 also brought us another win for the Steelers. It's their second in a row after losing four-straight games. The win was a little extra special, however, because it came against the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. The Buffalo Bills got another last-minute win against a division foe and the New York Jets took care of the New England Patriots.

All of this is extremely good information, but what did we really learn from this past weekend in the NFL?

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5. When will you learn?

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On Monday, the NFL finally said enough is enough as they handed Brandon Meriweather a two-game suspension. Meriweather has consistently violated the league's safety policy concerning hits to the head. Brandon Marshall, wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, went as far as to say he wants to punch him in the face. Does anyone else hope that somehow these two teams can play again in the near future?

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4. Obscure Stat #1

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Josh Freeman becomes only the second quarterback since 1960 to attempt 50 passes for zero touchdowns and under 200 yards. Dave Brown in 1995 was the other.

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3. Obscure Stat #2

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Only two teams have scored at least 20 points in every game this season: the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills.

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2. At least for one night, they were right.

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It doesn't matter what side of the coin you fall on, just about everyone has an opinion on the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning situation from last year. Whether you agree or disagree with how the Colts treated the star quarterback, it's hard to disagree that they did the right thing in drafting Andrew Luck. Sunday night featured a showcase of what is and what was for the Colts. On this night, the future outshines the past as Peyton was outdone by Luck and the Colts.

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1. And the Oscar Goes to...

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Andy Reid. After seven weeks, the lone undefeated team in the NFL is the Kansas City Chiefs. Perhaps more important than that is the fact that they have yet to give up more than 17 points in a single game. This past Sunday was the second time this season that the Chiefs have defeated a Texas team by the score of 17-16.